Our Company

Emme Gel is a company established in 1974 as a Surgela (Italgel) dealer for the province of Florence. The steady increase in the frozen food sector, the quality of the products handled and the company’s organization have enabled it to become a leader in the marketing of frozen products for Tuscany.

It currently acts as a Nestlè Italiana Gelati and Surgelati division dealer for the provinces of Florence, Prato and Pistoia; performs marketing and re-billing services for large-scale retailers and small commercial groups; and facilitates the introduction of products with strong innovative charge in the market.

A rigorous selection of fishing boats and producers, marked by respect for the highest levels of freshness, goodness, hygiene and quality of the catch, and continuous research in the selection of the best ingredients, allows us to prefer for our consumers a product that is always “top of the line,” safe and excellent in terms of nutrition and hygiene.

All our products are of selected, certified and guaranteed origin through cross-checks by our technicians and the health authorities of the European Community.

Emme Gel owns three brands:
Meno30 – Ice Class – Emme Gel