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Discover all our recipes and prepare new and delicious dishes with the unique taste of Meno30 products.
With our suggestions, you can make traditional or sophisticated dishes without being an experienced cook.

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Mediterranean-style mussel and chickpea soup

Seafood skewers with dill

Crazy water scorpionfish and bread

Turbot shallot and olives

Sea bream with coconut milk and leeks

Sicilian-style codfish

Fried anchovy fillets and herb maio

Cous cous cous clams zucchini and cherry tomatoes

Grouper with Grand Marnier, orange and borettane onions

Branzino a la mugnaia

Bavette mussels and yellow cherry

Seafood appetizer lime and mint

Pappardelle with clams, turnip tops and taralli crumbs

Baked sea bream with autumn scents

Sea Bass Meatballs with Mediterranean Sauce

Curried Grouper

Saltimbocca of Sea Bream Fillets

Turbot fillets with escarole, olives and rustic mashed potato

Paccheri Cacio e Pepe with Mussels and Pumpkin Flowers

Grouper Fillet Parmesan Style

Darna of Sea Bass Fillet on smoked potato cream, crispy hazelnuts and asparagus

Linguine with clams, pancetta pesto and creamed potatoes

Tomato risotto with sea bream, fried capers and burrata cheese

Grouper fillets marinara style

Livornese-style turbot

Sea bream with corn

Gnocchi with Sea Bass

Sea Bass Fillets in a Potato Crust

Whole wheat noodles with Clam and Chicory Sauce

Fish Skewers with Mint-scented Grilled Avocado

Crostone with Sea Bream Fillet and Dried Tomatoes

Lemon and Parsley Mussels on Cold Cream of Cucumber and Avocado

Spaghetti with clams with anchovies toasted bread crumble

Barley soup with clams and wild fennel

Grilled seafood skewers with colorful salad

Orecchiette pasta with turnip tops, chili peppers and mussels

Spring salad with steamed turbot rolls

Friselle with diced asparagus and spring onion and sea bream cutlets

Baked cod fillet with herb tabulé

Sea bass fillet with cannellini cream sauce

Baked turbot fillet with capers, coriander seeds and lemon

Pan-fried sea bass fillet with green beans and spring onions

Baked grouper fillets with a side of peas and baby carrots

Gilthead bream fillets with marjoram and lemon

Fillets of sea bass all’isolana

Marinated seafood skewers, with spring onion basmati rice and lemon

Spaghetti with mussels and cherry tomatoes

Clam Sauté

Baked sea bream fillet with spring onion, cherry tomatoes and capers

Velvety pea soup with steamed mussels scented with oregano

Neapolitan-style octopus

Baked cod fillets

Peppered Mussels

Spaghetti with clams

Bruschettine with turbot capers and taggiasche cheese

Linguine zucchini, mussels and clams

Cod Crostini with Garlic and Basil Tomatoes

Grouper Fillets with Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes

Octopus Skewers with Green Gazpacho

Seafood appetizer with lentil soup

Pici with fillets of sea bream

Polenta with cod fillets and mussels

Knell of pangasius with spinach

Sea bass fillets in millefeuille

Clams with lemon-scented cannellini beans

Stewed mussels with cream and curry

Sea skewers with red onion jam

Fresh paccheri with Pacific clams and saffron

Northern Cod fillets shredded with leeks and tomatoes

Stewed cuttlefish

Turbot Fillets Gratinated

Pangasius fillets on a bed of potatoes

Cod fillets marinara gentile

Seafood and potato salad

Fillets of sea bass with citrus and grilled eggplant

Sea bass fillets triestina style

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