Wellness at the Table

Healthy living should be everyone’s top goal, and it is not difficult to achieve if you know the mechanisms behind a healthy lifestyle. confirms that it works for the satisfaction of its customers who choose it every day.

Choosing the right foods is essential for a healthy and balanced diet. In particular, fish is a source of countless health benefits for those who eat it. First of all, many fish that we generally consume contain iodine in very high amounts. Iodine is extremely important for our health; in fact, almost all of the iodine we ingest through food (particularly from fish) is used by our thyroid gland to produce hormones, particularly thyroxine. This hormone plays a vital role in our body as it regulates metabolism and the development of major tissues.

Thyroxine, which is produced by the thyroid gland through the ingestion of iodine, does nothing more than convert fats into energy. This transformation allows us to stabilize our body weight and keep cholesterol levels stable. When our bodies do not receive enough iodine, the signs are obvious: dry, cracked skin, less shiny and strong hair, and a general feeling of permanent fatigue. In this regard, another of the benefits associated with fish consumption is the presence of phosphorus, which as we all know is a powerful ally of our memory.

To avoid iodine and phosphorus deficiencies, which in severe cases can lead to lethargy, goiter, and anemia, the advice is to eat fish regularly (at least 2 times a week). Another benefit related to the consumption of fish is the presence of a fat, omega 3, which is very healthy for our bodies as it cleanses the arteries of cholesterol. In addition, fish contains proteins, referred to as noble, which have high nutritional power but at the same time are very digestible. Last but not least, fish also offers very important benefits to our eyes (especially as we get older). Some recent research has found that habitual fish consumption would reduce the risk of macular degeneration. It is a disease that is generally related to old age and in severe cases leads to blindness.

It has been observed that those who habitually consume fish have a lower risk of contracting this disease. So eating fish is good for you, but let it be as fresh as frozen MENO30!